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Polish Association of Economic History

Polish Association of Economic History – an association bringing together economic history researchers and history enthusiasts. Its members’ goal is to develop and popularize knowledge in the field of economic history, support activities aimed at this goal and create an atmosphere of respect for the general and local historical and economic heritage. The idea of establishing PTHG was born during a scientific conference organized as part of the 5th Wrocław Meetings on Economic History in Duszniki Zdrój in 2010. Work on establishing the association was coordinated by employees of the Department of Economic and Social History of the Warsaw School of Economics. The first, temporary board of the association was elected from among them. It was created by: prof. Ph.D. Wojciech Morawski (president), Jerzy Łazor, MA (vice-president), Andrzej Zawistowski, PhD (treasurer), Anna Jarosz-Nojszewska, PhD (member), Bartosz Walicki, MA (member). In May 2011, in Karpacz, during the 6th Wrocław Meetings with Economic History, the first general meeting of PTHG was held, where the statutory authorities of the association were constituted. Prof. was elected president of PTHG. Ph.D. Wojciech Morawski, who held this position until 2017. 

In the following years, PTHG continued close cooperation with the organizers of the Wrocław Economic History Meetings, during which general meetings of the Society were held. Since its establishment, PTHG has been a permanent scientific partner of these conferences. 

In accordance with its statute, the Society initiates research on economic and social history and promotes publications on these topics. For this purpose, in 2017, PTHG established the Award. Franciszek Bujak. The prize is awarded for the best book in the field of economic and social history published by Polish authors in the last two calendar years preceding the competition results. 

As part of promoting research on economic and social history, PTHG organizes or co-organizes scientific conferences, seminars and popular science activities. PTHG members individually and under the banner of the Society take part in numerous national and international scientific conferences, including: International Conference of EURHO (European Rural History Organization) (Leuven 2017), World Economic History Congress (Paris – 2022), Central European Congress of Economic History (Rzeszów 2022). 

PTHG actively participates in the General Meetings of Polish Historians, presenting issues from economic and social history, both in the form of individual papers and specialist panels submitted by the Society. During the upcoming 21st General Congress of Polish Historians in Białystok in 2024, PTHG will present the results of research conducted by members of the Society as part of the panel entitled „Saving the economy: reconstruction, stabilization and creating development paths for the Polish economy in the 19th and 20th centuries” 

In 2021, the Polish Economic History Association became a member of the International Economic History Association (IEHA).